Things to do before I die

I've realised that that are so many things that I want to do before I die and figured that if I keep a list of the things then I can quite literally cross them off as soon as I have completed something and will make me feel like I have achieved something.
I'm obviously going to be adding more and more things as I'm trying to experience as different things as I can and make the most out of my life.. yolo and all that.
(please don't hate me for saying yolo)


  1. Go ski diving
  2. Hug a Koala
  3. Swim with Dolphin's
  4. See a Polar Bear
  5. Ride a Cammel
  6. Run the London Marathon
  7. Paraglide
  8. Play the guitar
  9. Play the piano
  10. Horse ride along a beach
  11. Go skiing/snow boarding
  12. Dive off a 10m board
  13. Learn "Hello" "How are you?" "Good-bye" and "I love you" in 10 different languages.
  14. Go on a roadtrip for the summer
  15. Scubadive
  16. Ride in a hot air balloon
  17. Go on a helicopter ride
  18. Go on the UK's longest zip wire
  19. Go zorbing
  20. Watch a rocket launch
  21. Walk along the great wall of China
  22. Ride a cable car in San Francisco
  23. Fly a kite
  24. Work abroad
  25. Wake up early every day of a holiday
  26. Decorate a whole house/flat
  27. Go to a Dash store
  28. Learn to read music
  29. Fly in a private jet
  30. Spend a week at a spa
  31. Move to another city for a while
  32. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  33. Help the homeless
  34. Have my work shown in a gallery
  35. Buy a a cute place in the countryside
  36. Make youtube videos
  37. Write a book
  38. Write an auto-biography
  39. Write a memoir about a certain time in my life
  40. Go to a broadway show
  41. Go to the world cup's final match
  42. Eat at an undersea restaurant
  43. Stay in a glass igloo
  44. Stay in a snow igloo
  45. Have a thanksgiving dinner in America
  46. Get my palms read/see a pyschic but only get told the good things
  47. Have my aura read
  48. Swim in a natural hot spring
  49. Visit a mud bath
  50. Have a mud fight
  51. Have a paint fight
  52. Learn to do a backflip

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